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An up-tempo game is something that most coaches, players and fans like.
The game has changed and affected since the shot clock has been modified from 30 seconds to 24 seconds and the 14 seconds clock after offensive rebounds.
In the last few years even the speed execution during the 24sec. has become quicker and more flexible.
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FECC Lecturer Nenad Trunic explains his ideas about transition from secondary break to set plays in youth basketball programms. > more

From Advance Step to Zone Press Defence: With its Glossary FIBA Europe tries to give an overview of the most used terms in today's basketball. The alphabetical order and the graphical demonstration of some topics make the Glossary easy to use.

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In this article the former CSKA Moskow and Greek National Team Assistant Coach Giannis Sfairopoulos talks about the very common problem of finding time for individual improvement and extra practice that makes the difference. > more
As Career planning is one very important aspect in developing young players, FECC mentor Svetislav Pesic shares his philosophy of planning a succesful career. Coach Pesic talks about weightlifting, specialising on positions, planning games just to name a few of the most important topics. This article is a must read for every youth coach. > more
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