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Coaching clinics
Coach Cuspinera talked about Spacing & Timing at the Albert-Schweitzer Tournament 2024 in Germany. > more
Coach Dzikic worked on players development drills, adjusted to goals of practice during the season in this clinic at the Albert-Schweitzer Tournament in Germany > more
Coach Dzikic worked in his second session at the Albert-Schweitzer Tournament on an individual work approach to practice during the season. > more
Coach Radovan Trifunovic demonstrates an individual practice with post players. > more
Joan Plaza will show in this video specific practice drills aimed at enhancing the team's collective defensive skills during the preseason. > more
Joan Plaza talks about the importance of rebounding, how much time coaches practice rebounding and shows some drill samples for better rebounding. > more
Coach Aleksandar Dzikic explains his way of improving the offensive flow of the game and how to prperly execute the different offensive actions. > more
In this coaching clinic Hanno Möttölä shares his views on a positionless transition offense given the big men more possibilities to bring up the ball and make the game even faster. > more
In this coaching clinic Hanno Möttölä gives a detailed description of the hand off fundamentals emphasising on the view of the big men. > more
Chris Fleming presented at the EuroBasket Coaching Clinic in Berlin 2022 the principles of a 5 out offense. > more
Chris Fleming presented at the EuroBasket Coaching Clinic in Berlin 2022 different finishes to the basket. > more
Marco Ramondino explains in detail how to defend on ball screens and how to rotate as a team. > more
In this event Nenad Trunic and Arik Shivek presented several coaching clinics for the U14 age category > more
Giannis Sfairopoulos talks in this coaching clinic at the EuroBasket in Berlin 2022 about "Secondary Offense". > more
> more
Press Break - Giannis Sfairopoulos
Offensive Concept of the German Nationalteam - Gordon Herbert
Eccentric Strength Training - Marko Stojanovic
Low Post actions - Arik Shivek
Moving without the ball - Arik Shivek
Develop youth players to senior level - A masterplan - Nenad Trunic
Alba Berlin - A development program for players and coaches - Carlos Frade
Strength & Conditioning in Youth Basketball - Nenad Trunic
How teaching and learning takes place - Aysim Altay
Offensive concept with dominant low post players - Zan Tabak
Defensive strategies on using low post trap situations - Arik Shivek
Methodology of half court defensive principles including specific drills - Nenad Trunic
Switching Defense - Arik Shivek
Offensive Transition - Aleksandar Trifunovic
Motion Offense - Neven Spahija
Defensive principles & adaptations in foul situations - Björn Harmsen
Pick & Roll Offense and Quick Hitters - Björn Harmsen
Improving and maintaining individual techniques before and during a season - Aleksandar Trifunovic
Offensive Youth Concept - Matthias Zollner
Penetrate & Pass - Nenad Trunic
Improvement of Fundamentals in Youth Basketball through Specific Drills - Nenad Trunic
Transition Defense - Svetislav Pesic
Offensive Concept - Chris Fleming
Pick and Roll Defense - Chus Mateo
Team Management - Pablo Laso
Defensive Fundamentals On and Off the Ball - Janez Drvaric
Inside Players - Nenad Trunic
Passing and Receiving - Janez Drvaric
Spacing & Angles - Giannis Sfairopoulos
Developing the European 4 - Gordon Herbert
Connecting basketball skills and specific physical preparation in U14 - Nenad Trunic
The Role of Position 4 in Modern Basketball - Janez Drvaric
Transition Offense - Svetislav Pesic
Player Profiles - Nenad Trunic
Rhythm of Basketball - Svetislav Pesic
Mutant / Amoeba Defence - Juan Orenga
Big Men - Juan Orenga
Developing Game Understanding - Damian Cotter
Low Post Individual Technique - Damian Cotter
Guard Development - Damian Cotter
3 on 3 Offensive Play Basic and Advanced - Janez Drvaric
Secondary Break Options in Youth Programmes with Screens - Nenad Trunic
Connecting 1 on 1 Game and Specific Physical Preparation - Nenad Trunic
Building a National Team Programme - Henrik Dettmann
Building an Offence - Chus Mateo

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