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Coaching clinics
Prof. Nenad Trunic hosts a clinic on "Improvement of fundamentals in youth basketball through specific drills".  > more
Professor Nenad Trunic explains "Secondary break options in youth programmes with screens" in this clinic. It took place in Norway in 2015. > more
In this clinic that took place in Norway in 2015, Prof. Nenad Trunic shares his experience on "Connecting 1on1 game and specific physical preperation". > more
Prof. Nenad Trunic explains his view on the Methodology of building an aggressive half-court defense. > more
Coach Pesic gives a detailed insight in his concept of a successful transition offense. This clinic was held in Germany, in 2015. > more
In this coaching clinic in Sweden, Prof. Nenad Trunic shares his ideas for inside players. > more
In this clinic from Slovenia in 2015 the Finnish National Team Coach Henrik Dettmann explains his views on how to build a nation team programme > more
In this clinic from 2015 that took place in Germany, Pablo Laso gives an insight on his views on team management. He starts with how to put together a team, describes his opinion on staff members and the progress during a season. > more
In this clinic FECC lecturer Pablo Laso explains his views on offensive tendencies in European basketball. > more
In this clinic that took place in Berlin, Germany in 2015 Pablo Laso shares his ideas of a defensive concept. > more
Transition Defense - Svetislav Pesic
Transition Offense - Pablo Laso
Defending On Ball Screens - Pablo Laso
Fastbreak - Nenad Trunic
Connecting Specific Physical Preparation and Shooting - Professor Nenad Trunic
Movement without the ball - Nenad Trunic
Secondary Break - Nenad Trunic
Individual Tactics Passing - Nenad Trunic
Fast Break - Juan Orenga
Practice Organisation for U16 - Veselin Matic
Offensive Concept - Chris Fleming
Offensive Concept - Zan Tabak
Motion Offense in Youth Development - Trine Tims
Selection and Development for U16-U20 Players - Veselin Matic
Defensive Concept - Tab Baldwin
Defense: "Special Situations" - Chris Fleming
Building Team Defense Through Situation Drills - Nenad Trunic
Spacing & Angles - Giannis Sfairopoulos
Pick and Roll Defense - Chus Mateo
Match Up Defense - Arik Shivek
My Favorite Drills - Ettore Messina
One Pass Away Defense - Zan Tabak
Scouting - Zan Tabak
Transition Game - Arik Shivek
Low Post Development and 1-1 Defense - Gordon Herbert
Transition Defense - Murat Ozyer
Press Defense - John Patrick
Zone Offense - Ettore Messina
Passing - Ettore Messina
Spain's Defense 2007 - Pepu Hernandez
Zone Offense - Rutenis Paulauskas
Man to Man Defense - Kostas Missas
Offense & Secondary Break - Kestutis Kemzura
Drive & Kick - Gordon Herbert
Guard Development Drills - Sergio Scariolo
Transition Offense - Svetislav Pesic
Fundamentals - Fabio Fossati

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