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Coaching clinics
This is a coaching clinc from Sweden, where Prof. Nenad Trunic shares his ideas about how to run the Fastbreak. > more
In this clinic that took place in Denmark Vaselin Matic talks abouts his views on selection and development for U16-U20 players. > more
During a Coaching Clinic in Slovenia in 2013, Coach Pablo Laso shares his view of how to defend On Ball Screens. > more
This clinic took place in Mannheim at the Albert Schweizer Tournament. During this session Chus Mateo talks about his view of "Switch". > more
This Coaching Clinic took place at the Alber Schweizer Tournament in Mannheim. During this session Zan Tabak shares his thoughts about "Scouting& Recruting". > more
During the Coaching Clinic in Mannheim at the Albert Schweizer Tournament, Chus Mateo shares his opinion and view of "P&R Defense". > more
In this Coach Clinic from the Supercup in Germany, Ulm 2013 Professor Nenad Trunic shares his view on connecting specific physical preparation and shooting. > more
In this Clinic from Norway Gordon Herbert gives great insight on his way to develop Lowpost players. Coach Herbert covers all aspects of lowpost play and explains very detailed different moves to succeed.

In the second part he also demonstrates how to teach one on one defense and shows a lot of very helpfull drills.

> more
Los Angeles Lakers' Coaching concsultant Ettore Messina explains and takes you through his 10 favourite drills. During the clinic he explains his drills and why he likes them and what makes those drills special.  > more
Giannis Sfairopoulos holds this lecture during a clinic in Copenhagen during the summer of 2012. He talks about the importance of spacing and angles in the modern game of basketball. He also demonstrates the correct spacing and drill to improve spacign and angles. > more
Building team defense through situation drills - Nenad Trunic
Offensive Concept - Chris Fleming
Defensive Concept - Tab Baldwin
Defense: "Special Situations" - Chris Fleming
Transition Offense - Svetislav Pesic
Drive & Kick - Gordon Herbert
Guard development drills - Sergio Scariolo
Passing - Ettore Messina
Press Defense - John Patrick
Offense & Secondary Break - Kestutis Kemzura
Zone Offense - Ettore Messina
Zone Offense - Rutenis Paulauskas
Spain's Defense 2007 - Pepu Hernandez
Transition Defense - Murat Ozyer
Fundamentals - Fabio Fossati
Man to Man Defense - Kostas Missas

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