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Title:UCLA - Post Feed
UCLA offense entry with post player feed options

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    O1 passes ball to O3 and cuts to the lop post area by using screen from O5.
    At the weak side O2 is cutting to the base line while O4 is going to set a screen for O2.
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    O3 will try to pass the ball inside to cutter O1. If the pass is denied O3 passes to O5 who will quickly reverse the ball to O2.
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    After the ball has been revered to the opposite side, O1 sets a screen for O3 who cuts into the lane. O2 can either pass to cutting O3 or try to feed the post player O4.
    If none of the pass options work for O2, he can reverse the ball back to O5 or pass to player O3, who keeps going to the left wing side.
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    In case of a back ball reversal, O5 passes to O1 and cuts immediately to the basket, posting up for a back pass from O1.

    On the weak side player O2 screens for player O3 who cuts to the three point line being ready for the shot in case O1 cannot pass to O5.
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    In case the ball has been swinged to O1, he will try to feed post O4. If this does not work, he can pass the ball back to 2, who can either try to feed O4 as well or pass to O3, who will take the shot after a weak side screen by O5.

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