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PLAY "UConn (Triple Stagger)"
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Title:UConn (Triple Stagger)
Author:FE Administrator

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    This play inovlves constant staggered screening action to create a jump shot. The initial alignment is a 1-4 high.
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    O1 starts the play by passing the ball to O3. Afterwards he uses O5 as a back screen. O2 sets his defender up by cutting towards the basket.
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    O4 and O5 set a staggered screen for O2. If O2 does not get an open shot he curls to the basket. O1 uses the screen set by O4 and cuts to the top of the key.
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    O3 reverses the ball to O1. O2 and O4 set a staggered screen for O3.
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    O1 passes the ball to O3, if this does not create a good shot, O5 and O1 set a staggered screen for O2.
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    If X2 expects O2 to use the down screen set by O4, and therefore overplays O2, O1 sets a cross screen. O2 fakes his defender into the screen set by O4 and then uses the screen set by O1 insted. Play is continued as shown in Picture 4.

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