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PLAY "2 cuts overload"
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Title:2 cuts overload
2 consecutive cuts in the same area creates trouble in the defense and provides good inside pass opportunities.

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    Initial set up:
    1 - point guard with ball
    2 - shooting guard (good outside shooter and passer)
    3 - forward
    4 - high post (good shooter from mid-range)
    5 - center
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    1 passes to 2
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    1 runs towards 2 and gets the ball back (hand to hand pass)
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    As soon as 1 secures the ball from 2's hands, 3 cuts to the middle and gets a pass from 1
    After his hand to hand pass to 1, 2 cuts behind the defense and uses 5's low post pick at the opposite block
    Upon receiving the ball from 1, 3 takes one or two dribbles and passes to 2 coming off 5's screen
    If 2 is open, he may have a good shooting opportunity
    When 2 enters the paint, 4 comes to the low post position at the block
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    If 2 cannot get an open shot, 4 cuts behind the defense, using a new pick by 5 at low post ballside block
    In the same time 1 goes low behind the defense and gets ready to receive a possible skip pass
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    If the low post defender remains between the low post and the basket, 4 can receive the pass from 2 for an open shot
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    If, on the pass from 2 to 4, defender 5 decides to come out on 4, low post number 5 must flash to the basket before defender 4 has time to switch and guard him
    When 5 receives the ball he may shoot or try to find 1 on the other side for an open shot after ball reversal
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    If, on 4's cut, defender 5 chooses to follow him outside the paint, to prevent a pass and an open shot from 4, 2 must try to pass to low post 5 before defender 4 has time to cover him
    2 may also try a skip pass on 1, especially if defender 3 comes closer to the ballside or forgets to remain aware of 1's position (e.g. by following the ball with his eyes)
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    If nothing works, we want to reverse the ball to the other side
    2 passes to 3 who takes one or two dribbles and passes to 1 who came out on the opposite wing
    In the same time, center 5 comes to low block on new ballside
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    1st option:
    1 must try an inside pass to low post 5 at the low block
    5 has 5 options:
    1 - play on one on and/or shoot
    2 - skip pass to 4
    3 - skip pass to 2
    4 - pass to 3 if defender numerb 2 comes to help on the low block defense
    5 - pass back to 1 for a shot or continuity
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    If no pass can be made to 5 or if 5 gave back outside to 1, we try to have the same overload position as previously but on the new ballside:
    a - 2 cuts first
    b - 4 cuts after 2
    and we are back is the same overload position as before on the other wing

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