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    Loyola is a play designed to create a dribble penetration or a low post scoring opportunity. The initial alignment is a 4 out 1 in alignment.
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    O5 cuts to the ball side low post and O4 cuts to the ballside high post. O3 retreats to the helpside corner.
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    O1 dribble penetrates the left seam of the defence. O5 sets a back screen for O4. O1 looks to score or hit O4 off the screen. If O4 is not open and no shot is available for O1 he passes out to the corner to O3.
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    If O3 recieves the ball, O1 sets a cross screen for O4. O2 cuts to the top of the key, O5 drops to the low post. After setting the screen O1 retreats to the corner. O3 can either shoot or hit O4 off the screen. If nothing is available he passes the ball out to O2.
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    The last option is a 1-4 low dribble penetration. O1 and O3 are coming up as O2 drives to the basket.

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