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Title:Passing Game
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    Posting up is a big part of the game of basketball. It is truly an advantage to have a dominant force inside. Post ups are not limited to just post players, look to exploit size mismatches at any position. The Base Cross offence creates mismatches by having a small player setting a screen for a big player. The basic option is for 01 to dribble clear 03. 03 then sets a baseline screen under the basket for O5. O5 comes off O3's screen for a shot or a strong post up. O3 after setting the baseline screen will either continue out to the helpside wing off O4's down screen or pop back up to the free throw line if the defence switches.

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    Continuity: Power Passing Game
    O1 makes a reversal pass out to O2 and then down screens for O5. When the defence switches on the weakside down screen O2 looks to feed O4 posting up against the smaller defender or passes to O3 for a better angle to feed the post.
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    Continuity: Single Double
    Wing O1 makes a reversal pass out to O2 and then sets a double screen with O5 for O3. O3 then has the option of either going off O4's down screen or doubling back off the double screen. After setting the double screen, O1 pops out to the opposite wing from O3.
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    Continuity: Triangle Post
    Wing O1 makes a reversal pass out to O2 who in turns passes to O4. The sideline triangle is created by O3 clearing out to the corner and O5 moving across the key and posting up. O1 and O2 set up for helpside two person game.
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    Continuity: Triangle Post
    Once a sideline triangle is established all Triangle Post options become available.
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    Continuity: Flex (Pick the Picker)
    The Flex action is initiated by O2 and O4 assuming a two guard front alignment and O1 clearing to the corner. O1 makes a reversal pass and cuts off O5's base screen. O2 passes to O4 and sets a down screen for O5.
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    Continuity: Flex (Pick the Picker)
    If a good shot is not available, the Flex action is continued with O4 passing to O5 popping out off O2's down screen. O2 clears to the corner as O3 comes off O1's base screen. O4 then down screens for O1.

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