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Title:Laker Break
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    The Laker Break is a fast break in which the ball is advanced quickly with multiple players rather than a single point guard. On the outlet pass after a defensive rebound or when inbounding the ball after a made shot, the first look is long, which immediately puts pressure on the defence to get back and protect the basket. The second look is short and the third look, usually against full court pressure, will be to the middle.
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    General Movements:
    Two guards O1 and O2 get open for a short outlet. Two forwards O3 and O4 get down court for long outlets. O5 inbounds the ball or is the defensive rebounder.
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    First Look: Long
    O5 rebounds or inbounds the ball and instantly looks long for a forward, in this case O3. The other forward cuts to the basket. If O4 is open, O3 should feed him.
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    Second Look: Short
    O5 after looking long, passes the ball to O2 for a short outlet. O2 passes the ball to O1 who is cutting upcourt. The forwards O3 and O4 cut to the basket. Usually there will be a 3v2 situation.
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    Third Look: Middle
    If O1 and O2 are denied the inbound by X1 and X2, O4 doubles back and breaks into the middle for an inbounds pass from O5. O1 and O2 then release and sprint towards the basket looking for a feed from O4. O3 cuts to the basket or stays wide against a zone press.

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