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PLAY "Secondary Break with wide Spacing"
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Title:Secondary Break with wide Spacing

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    This secondary break tries to create good spacing for counter attacks: The one on one on the wing + multiple quick options with the second trailer.
    The 1 takes one wing for himself. The two guards occupy the other wing and corner. The 4 sprints the basket basket line under the basket. If he doesn't receive the ball he heads to the ball side corner. When the 4 retreats to the corner. The second Trailer (5) sets a down screen for the opposite wing man.
    These movements create an advantage for the one to make a quick penetration to the basket. If 1 doesn't attack the 3 man has following options.:
    - Shot
    - Curl and shot or drive
    - If the switch the trailer opens up and steps in to receive the ball under the basket

    If nothing comes up, the 1 and 3 play a hand off situation
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    2. After the 3 received the ball at the top and played a hand off with the 1. He receives a backscreen from the first trailer(4).
    For the 1 it is important to not dribble the ball after receving the hand off. Wait for the result of the backscreen to happen.:
    - Pass for a lay up, ally hopp or powershot.
    - Pass for the distance shot after a flair.
    - If the switch pass to the 4 who has to open up himself and dive to the basket.

    If the pass comes to the 3 after a switch. 4 divs under the basket. After the pass 1 and 5 interchange positions. Afterwards automatics come to play.
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    3. If the 1 can’t find a solution ot of the backscreen he turns to the other side. The 5 man comes for a top pick and roll. The 5 man rolls and the 4 pops.
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    4. 1 tries to read the defense and find a good angle for a pass to 5. He has also a triangle with the 2 for a shot or triangle feed to the 5. There are two possible weak side movements:
    - 4 dives to the basket
    - 4 sets a weak side screen for 3
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    5. If it s not possible to pass the ball inside to 5. 1 reverses the ball to 4. 5 can go for a basline screen to 3 or just react to the drive of 3.
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    6. If 4 plays a hand off with 3. 5 comes up for a pick and roll with 3.
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    7. After the hand off + ballscreen. 4 pops to the corner. 3 reads the defense and 5 rolls to the basket.
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