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    This offence is designed to free up outstanding shooters by running them off a series of baseline screens. Power's initial attack is down the middle, so it attacks both sides of the defence simultaneously making defensive help nearly impossible.

    The basic option is for O2 to cross under the basket off a tandem double screen set by O3 and O4 for a shot. O3 after setting a baseline screen continues out off O5's down screen. Once the ball is entered to a wing, play continuity usually involves post ups, screening game or side screen action.
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    Counter: Fake Cross Entry
    O2 and O3 have the option of faking the crossing action and going back out the same side off O4's and O5's down screens. This option is very effective when the defensive players start anticipating the wing's crossing action.
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    Counter: Direct Post Pass
    When the defenders focus on stopping the shooters coming off the down screens or when the defence switches, O1 looks to make an entry pass directly into O4 or O5.
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    Counter: Dribble Drive
    Whenever X1 overplays the passing lane to the wing, O1 has the "green light" to drive hard to the basket. If either defender X4 or X5 steps up to help out against O1's drive, O1 can make a drop pass for an easy shot.

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