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Title:Mid Screen
Author:FE Administrator

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    This offence is a two player pick & roll isolation. Although the Side Screen is a fairly simple looking play, it incorporates a magnitude of quick hitting options, which make it so lethal. Since it can be quickly initiated by just having a post step out and set an on ball screen, Side Screen action can be used for continuity when an offensive play breaks down or to create a good shot as time winds down on the shot clock.

    O1 drives over the top of the on ball screen being set by O5. O1 has the options of turning the corner for a drive to the basket or executing a pull up jumper if the defence goes below the screen or making a return pass to O5 cutting away to the basket after the screen if the defence switches or making a kick out pass to O2 or O3 if a helpside defender drops off to help out on the drive or can drop a pass into O4 in the low post.
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    Continuity: Triangle Post
    O1 strings out the dribble penetration creating a good passing lane to O2. O1 passes to helpside wing O2 as O3 drops to the corner and O4 assumes the low post postion. O1 and O5 set up for helpside two man game.
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    Continuity: Triangle Post
    Once the sideline triangle is created, all of the triangle post reads and counters are available.
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    Continuity: Flex
    O1 strings out the defence with his dribble as O5 clears to the corner. O1 looks to pass to O3 rubbing off O4's base screen. O2 sets a down screen for O4 and then clears to the corner.
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    Continuity: Flex
    Flex's "Pick the Picker" action continues with O1 passing to O4 popping out. O5 comes off O3's baseline screen and O1 down screens for O3.
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    Continuity: Single Double
    When a good shot is not available or the Side Screen action gets disrupted, ball handler O1 backs out the dribble penetration to the top of the circle, and O5 rolls into a baseline downscreen. O3 cuts under the basket as O4 and O2 create a double screen. O3 then has the option of continuing off O5's single baseline screen or doubling back off O2's and O4's double screen.

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