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    Point guard shouts Reign and holds up 2 fingers, passes to one of the wingmen and cuts to the corner hard off a pick set by the post player. Note the guard cuts to the same corner on the side they just passed to.
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    O4 flashed to above the 3 point line on the help line after taking his man under the basket, receives a pass from O2 and reverses another pass to O3.

    Note if the defender that is marking O4 is in the passing lane then go backdoor once above the 3 point line.

    Note O5 is posting up look for the ball and O1 is ready to shoot, however these looks are not preferrable.
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    Once O4 has reversed the ball he cuts hard to the block looking for the give and go pass, if he doesn't get it he screens under the basket for O5 who comes over the top of the screen looking for a lay up.

    At the same time O2 sets a screen for O1 by taking his man to the free throw line and setting the screen at about middle block area, O1 comes off the screen at the free throw line looking for the shot.

    Continue to play from the start or call motion.

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