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Title:Mavs Inside Out
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    The Mavs Inside Out play is designed for a team with an excellent big shooter O4. He should draw a second big defender away from the basket in order to create a good post up for O5 or if X4 does not come out a good outside shooting opportunity for O4.
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    O1 passes the ball to O2 on the wing. O5 and O4 set a staggered base screen for O3. If O3 is open for a layup O2 feeds him the ball.
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    If O3 is being denied he flashes up and sets a back screen for O1. If O1 is not open on the basket cut, O2 passes the ball to O3.
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    O5 now sets a down screen for O4, after the screening action he rolls to the basket. O1 comes out to the wing in order to eliminate helpside help. O2 drops to the corner to establish better rebounding position. The options are O4 for an outside shot or a post feed to O5.

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