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BREAKDOWN DRILL "00 Example Breakdown Drill: Cross Screen and Power Move"
Title:00 Example Breakdown Drill: Cross Screen and Power Move
Author:FE Administrator
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(A breakdown drill should work on special techniques or situations used in the play.)
This drill is designed to practice a cross screen and a power move. O1 sets a solid cross screen for O2. O2 fakes low and cuts hard off O2´s screen. Coach passes the ball to O2 who finishes strong with a power move.
After executing a power move O2 rebounds the ball and passes it out to the coach. O1 steps out, X1 becomes the screener, O2 becomes the defender and a new player (O3) steps on.
Goals / purpose / skills
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The goal is to teach a strong cut off a cross screen with a power move finish.
(Enter possible variations here).
If X1 plays the screen over the top, O2 can use the screen on the baseline side, but still finishes with a power move.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
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Use even sized players on each basket to keep the competition high.
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