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PLAY "Dan´s 3-2 zone offense"
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Title:Dan´s 3-2 zone offense

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    This is an effective play vs a 3-2 zone where the wing defender drops and plays the ball in the corner. O2 is your shooter. O4 and O5 are your post players, whilst O3 is your best passer and/or smartest decision maker. O1 brings the ball down and the offence sets up as shown. O1 dribbles to the overload side and you anticipate the zone shifting as shown.
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    O1 passes to O3 in the corner.
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    O3 looks inside for a low entry pass to O5. Depending on where X1 plays, O4 may be open at the high post. O1 makes himself available for a return pass in case of a trap, etc. If O3 cannot shoot or pass to O5 or O4, he dribbles the ball back up to the wing. O1 slides over to the point. As O3 dribbles the ball, X2 should follow him, since he has wing responsibility. O2 cuts along the baseline to the corner where O3 has vacated.
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    O3 looks for O2 in the corner for a shot. O5 (low post) or O4 (high post) could also be open as X2 and X4 scramble to cover the ball. O3 shallow cuts to the opposite wing after he passes to O2. O1 replaces O3 and looks for a return pass from O2. The zone shifts as O2 receives the pass.
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    If O2 cannot score or feed the post, he passes out to O1. O1 receives the pass and dribbles across to the other side. As the ball is being dribbled across, O4 screens X4 and O5 cuts off his screen to the opposite high post. If X3 rushes out to play the ball, O5 could be open in the middle of the key coming off O4's screen.
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    O1 continues to dribble the ball to the other side, looking possibly for O5 in the lane as he comes across. After he screens, O4 rolls to the low post. O3 flattens out low and O2 steps back into the help side low post.
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    We now have the same look on the other side and the action continues.

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