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Title:Diamond Screen the Screener

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    the play starts in a diamond setup witha baseline exit by O2. O3 goes opposite of O2. O1 passes the ball to the open wing player.
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    As soon as O1 passes the ball to O2 O4 sets a back screen for O1 who cuts to the basket. O2 reverses tha bll to O4, who looks for a possible high low pass.
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    If there is no high low option, O4 passes the ball to O1 who cuts to the wing. Meanwhile O3 cuts backdoor to the basket and after O1 recieved the ball sets a cross screen for O5.
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    Option 1:

    The ball is passed to O5 and O3 sets a back screen for O4.
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    Option 2:

    O5 is not open, so O4 sets a downscreen for O3

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