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Title:CSKA Moscow 2013/14 Zone

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    Both wings Start on the Same Side with O5 on the highpost and O4 in the other corner.
    entry pass to O2. The Defense will shift towards O2.
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    O1 follows his pass and gets the ball back. O5 sets a flarescreen on the outer defender of the first row. O2 uses that flare screen. If O2 is wide open he can receive the pass and attack the zone or shoot the ball.
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    After the flare screen O5 sets a pick on the second defender of the first row. O1 uses the pick and attacks the middle.
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    After the screen O5 rolls to the basket and draws the middle defender towards him. The defense is forced to decide how to defend. If the second first row defender guards O1, O2 will be open. He can now attack the zone
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    If O2 gets picked up by the back row the corner will be open for a shot or a drive.

    So after the initial pick and Roll sequence you attack and read the zone.

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