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    This offensive set is designed to use basic mid pick & roll action; however it also creates open outside shot opportunities for good shooters. By deploying a second high post screener, it allows O1 the option of driving off a screen in either direction. Since screens are available on both sides the offense cannot be disrupted by simply influencing the ball handler away from the screen. Having both screeners high also clears out any baseline defensive help on the O1's drive.

    O1 drives off a high post screen from O5. O5 sets an on ball screen to free up O1 for dribble penetration. O1 has the option of turning the corner for a drive to the basket or executing a pull up jumper if the defense goes below the screen. O1 also has options of feeding O5 rolling to the basket or kick out passes to O2 or O3 spotting up on the wings. If O5 rolls to the basket, O4 then goes opposite and pops out.
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    Post Isolation
    If the pick & roll action does not produce a good shot, O1 or O4 look to feed O5 in the low post area.
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    Side Screen
    O4 passes to O2 on the wing and sets an on ball screen. O2 drives over O4's screen initiating pick & roll action. O5 sets a back screen for O4 rolling to basket. O1 and O3 spot up.

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