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PLAY "Horns Downtown"
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Title:Horns Downtown
Author:FE Administrator

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    This is a play designed to create a three point shot.
    The initial alignment is a 1-2-2 Horns alignment.
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    O1 starts the play by using O5 as a screen. O5 pops out after the screen.
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    Option A)
    O1 reverses the ball to O2 who is coming off a staggered screen. If the direct pass is not available he can hit O5 first who then passes to O2 for the shot. After setting his screen O4 pops out to the corner.
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    Option B)
    If the shot is not available for O2, O5 and O1 set a staggered screen for O3 to get a three point shot.
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    Option B)
    If the ball instead is passed to the corner, O1 and O5 set a staggered screen for O3 to get an open shot. O2 cuts into the key and if neccesary screens X3.
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    Option C)
    If the ball gets passed to the corner following Option A), O5 and O1 set a staggered screen for O3 for an open shot.

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