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PLAY "Cross - Baseline out of Bounds"
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Title:Cross - Baseline out of Bounds

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    We can use this out of bounds play against man-to-man or zone.

    We want our best perimeter shooter(in this case 2) inbounding the basketball.

    The 3,4 and 5 line up as shown with the 1 slightly above the free throw line facing the basket.

    Before we look to get into the out of bounds play there are initial options to look at.
    - If the defense isn't paying attention the 3 man can look to leak to the short corner area for a jump shot.

    - If we have an athletic guy playing the 4 spot we can look for an alley oop option. to have this there must be the following. The 2 man must inbound the ball so he has a good angle to make the pass. The defense isn't paying attention to the 4 man or 2 so the pass can be made.

    If neither of these two things are available then we can run the play for the shooter.
    The 5 man needs to make contact with the defender and get open , then the 2 man finds him with a pass.

    As this is happening the 1 at the top V-cuts to get open so the 5 can pass him the basketball.
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    As the 5 man is passing the basketball to 1 the 3 man sprints up top looking for a ball reversal. The 4 man who started underneath the basket splits to the short corner area.
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    When the 5 has passed the ball to 1 he goes and sets a screen for the inbounder(2).

    The 2 man wants to start his cutting action as the 5 is making the pass up top to 1. He wants to walk his man in close to the basket giving him the best opportunity of getting open .

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    The 1 man has options here.

    He can look for 2 for the shot,probably the desired option.

    If 5 has good position he might be able to look inside. This might happen if we have run this play against a zone.

    Finally the ball can be reversed and we are into our half court offense.

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