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Title:Splitting the post

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    Getting ready, start with a default five out situation.

    O1 passes to O2 en screens away on D3
    O3 uses the screen to come free at the high post
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    O2 makes a pass and step fake to the baseline and then quickly passes the ball to O3
    O2 and O1 starts to run towards O3 and passes each other in front of the high post (O3)
    O3 gives a hand-off to one of the players or turns around and shoot

    At the same time O4 and O5 fills an replace the positions of O1 and O2 so they can defend a break or get the ball from O3 when things doesn't work out.
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    Follow trough:

    O1 and O2 take sport 4 and 5
    O3 takes the top of the key

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