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PLAY "00 Example Play"
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Title:00 Example Play
Author:FE Administrator

Public breakdown drills00 Example Breakdown Drill: Down Screen and Slip00 Example Breakdown Drill: Cross Screen and Power Move
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    (Please use labels O1, O2...O5 and X1, X2...X5 to describe offensive and defensive players respectively).

    In this Picture O1 passes the ball to O4, who is coming off O2´s down screen.

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    O2 sets a basline screen for O5. O4 looks to pass to O5 posting up.
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    a) O4 can hit O2 coming off O1´s down screen.
    b) O4 can hit O1 on the slip to the basket, if his defender bumps O2 and loses sight of him.
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    (If there are different continuity options you can add a text box the picture number you are reffering to e.g. in the picture shown to the left).

    Option from Picture 2:
    If O4 is not open off O2´s down screen, O1 can dribble to the wing and O4 circle cuts out to the top of the key.

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