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Title:Triangle Offence
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    The triangle offence consists of a sideline triangle on one side of the court and a two man game on the other. It is a system of defensive recognition and execution. Every player is involved at all times and therefore, must know the options for each spot on the court and be well schooled in basketball fundamentals and footwork. Since offensive options are dictated by what the defense is doing, players need to be efficient in recognising and attacking defensive deployment. Proper Court Spacing: The importance of floor spacing is critical and a key factor in the success of the Triangle Offense. Players are spaced between 4.5m and 6m at all times. This precise spacing spreads the defence in order to prevent or discourage any defensive help or double teaming, and at the same time it provides for sharp, accurate passing. This spreading of the defense also clears out the basket area allowing for one-on-one post play, drives, basket cuts and slices, and post splits. Since sideline triangles can be quickly formed on either side of the court, the defence is forced to defend the entire court from sideline to sideline at all times. In addition, it can strike the helpside of the defense with lighting speed with a two person attack at any time.

    Post Split
    O3 feeds O5 and makes a baseline cut to the basket for a shot. O1 uses O3 as a moving screen, and cuts tight off O3 over the top of the post for a shot. If O1 is not open for a shot, O1 can continue out and set a screen for O2 at top of circle. Whoever passes to the post cuts first.
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    Post Split with Screen
    After passing to O5, O3 sets a down screen for O1 in the corner, and rolls to the basket. O5 has options of passing to O1 coming off O3's down screen or feeding O3 rolling to the basket off his down screen or executing a post move for shot.
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    High Post Split
    When the defence anticipates the post split and over plays, after feeding O5, O1 and O3 have the option of cutting in the opposite direction. O1 executes a baseline cut looking for a quick post feed, while O3 cuts over the top of O5. O2 creates the high post split by cutting tight off O3.
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    Post Isolation
    O5 can quickly be isolated one on one when O1 and O3 cut directly to the helpside. O1 sets a back screen for O4 and O3 screens for O2. O5 isolated one on one takes X5 to the basket.
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    Corner Pass
    O3 passes to O1 in the corner who in turns feeds O5. Adhering to the rule "whoever feeds the post, cuts first," O1 cuts over the top of the post, and O3 uses O1 as a moving screen cutting to the baseline for a shot. If the defence anticipates the post split and over plays O1 and O3 have the option of cutting opposite with O1 making a baseline cut and O3 going over the top.
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    Corner Pick & Roll
    O3 passes to the corner and makes a basket cut for a shot as O5 steps up the lane. O1 looks to feed O3 on the give and go cut.

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    Corner Pick & Roll
    When O1 does not pass to O3 on the basket cut, O5 initiates screen and roll action by setting an on ball screen for O1.
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    Corner Pick & Roll
    If a shot is not available on the screen and roll action, O1 passes to O2 spotting up on the helpside, O4 posts up after setting a base screen for O3, and cutter O3 goes to the corner off O4's base screen establishing a sideline triangle. O1 and O5 set up for helpside two man game.

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