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PLAY "Basic continuity offense"
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Title:Basic continuity offense
This is a basic continuity zone offense, with two inside players rotating in the paint and a base line runner. The basic goal of this offensive play is to get the ball to one of the inside players by having a good center and guard rotation.

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    The initial alignment i 2-3.
    Player O1 passes the ball to O2. At the same time O4 flash-cuts to the free throw line while O3 is cutting to the ball side corner using a screen from O5.
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    O2 has three pass options. The priority is to get the ball to one of the inside players who will take the shot or will have a look for a high-low/low-high center pass. If the ball cannot be passed to one of the inside players, O2 will pass the ball to O3 in the corner.
    After the pass O2 sets changes position with O1 with an opposite screen.
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    Player O3 now has also three passing options. While the inside players will keep rotating, O3 will try to feed one of them either in low post or high post area. If this doesn''t work he will swing the ball back to O1 in the back court.
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    The offensive play continues like in the beginning. O3 will cut to the opposite corner, while O1 swings the ball to O2 and O5 cuts to the free throw area.
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    O2 can either feed one of the rotating inside players or make a pass to O3 in the corner. After the pass has been made O2 sets a scren for O1.
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    O3 tries to feed the rotating inside players as well and so on....

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