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PLAY "Big men Play - Fc Bayern Munich 2013/14"
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Title:Big men Play - Fc Bayern Munich 2013/14

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    This is the Start formation. The Big man you want to post up starts at the mid-block of the zone. The other big man at the high-post. Your Wings will start in the corner.
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    The Play starts with a cross screen from the wing on the mid-block side to the other wing. The opposites Wing passes the Guard and the 5 man screen to circles around over the flair screen of the high post.
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    #1 Option
    The play is for the Big man. After setting a first downscreen on the first wing the big man sets another one diggin in even deeper for the 2 guard. As soon the guard passes him, he opens up after the screen. The Guard receives the ball and passes it to the Big man.
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    #2 Option
    The ball goes to the first Wing. If he is open he has an open three.
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    Or he uses his momentum and can attack the basket right away since the helpside will be abstracted from the downscreen for the other Guard.
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    Or he catches the ball and plays a two man game with the 4 man. Pick and Roll, Pick and Pop etc.
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    #3 Option
    You can use this play as well to get your Wings an open shot. The Guard can use the 5 man downscreen for himself and read the defense to either curl, cut to the three or fade to the corner for a shot
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    Another possibility to get a shot for the 2 Guard is after the initial cross-screen to rescreen for the 2 and get him an advantage for the downscreen to free himself up.
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