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PLAY "Stack vs Zone BLOB"
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Title:Stack vs Zone BLOB
Author:FE Administrator

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    Stack is a baseline out of bounds play against a zone defence. It can be played against every zone coverage.
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    O4 fakes to the corner and cuts hard to the middle. O2 fakes middle and cuts to the corner. O3 fades to the top.
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    O5 steps to the basket. O1 looks for the lob pass to O5.
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    If X5 steps up to prevent the lob pass to O5, O3 uses O5 as a screen and cuts towards O1. O5 then rolls to the middle.
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    Option if defence leaves O4:
    If the defence decides to let O4 cut to the helpside, he turns around and seals his man. O1 has to create a good passing angle by legaly stepping towards O4.

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