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PLAY "Cougars Zone Offence for O3"
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Title:Cougars Zone Offence for O3
Against zone defence 2-3, 2-1-2- or 3-2

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    This is a play used against a zone defence, either a 2-3, 2-1-2, or 3-2 zone. A good playmaker is required off the penetration - he should set up as O3.
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    O1 starts the play with ball reversal to O3. After the pass he cuts through the middle to the helpside corner.
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    O5 cuts to the ballside low post.
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    O4 comes up and sets a ball screen for O3 to the middle. After the screen he rolls open to the middle. O3 attacks X2 and has a variety of options:
    a) he can drive to the basket and finish.
    b) if X2 defends him pass to O2 for the spot up.
    c) if X2 defends him and another defender rotates to O2 pass to O1 for the spot up.
    d) if the middle defender helps out he can hit O4 on the roll.
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    Option against a 3-2 zone:
    If the defence matches up in a 3-2 zone, O5 sets a ballscreen on the baseline, instead of O4 setting a screen in the middle. Options are penetration from O3 against a taller defender, a spot up shot from O1 in the corner or a dish to either O4 or O5 on the roll.

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