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Passing and Catching
Footwork - Fundamental
Power Moves
Ilona Korstin Fundamentals
DescriptionBefore a player can make a power move, they have to be able to get the ball first. Players should receive the ball as near to the basket as possible. If the ball is caught too close to the baseline they will not have a good angle to get to the basket. Players will have to fight hard to get into position and receive a pass. They should get strong, with feet wide apart, rear end out, back straight, and seal the defender off. If the defender is over-playing them from one side, that arm and elbow should be kept firm to ward him off, while the opposite arm and hand should be extended to make a good target for the passer. When the pass comes, the receiver should move towards it to meet it. After receiving the ball, the ball should be kept up at forehead height with elbows out, to protect it. Players can fake with their upper body, but keep their feet planted until they are ready to make a move. Playing inside is tough and requires a lot of hard work, quickness, strength, footwork, determination and savvy to get open to receive the pass. Players must be persistent and unrelenting.

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