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Dribbling - One Ball Between Legs
Dribbling - One Ball Change of Direction Dribbling Combinations
Dribbling - One Ball Change of Direction Dribbling Fundamentals
Dribbling - One Ball Crossover
Dribbling - One Ball Fundamental
Dribbling - One Ball Inside/Out & Front/Back
Dribbling - Three Ball
Dribbling - Three Ball Dribbling In Motion
Dribbling - Two Ball Combinations
Dribbling - Two Ball Crossover
Dribbling - Two Ball Dribble & Shoot
Dribbling - Two Ball Dribbling In Motion Combinations
Dribbling - Two Ball Dribbling In Motion Crossover
Dribbling - Two Ball Dribbling In Motion Fundamental
Dribbling - Two Ball Fundamental
Dribbling - Two Ball Windshield Wipers
Passing and Catching
Ilona Korstin Fundamentals
DescriptionIt is important to learn how to dribble well, to know when and when not, to dribble. To become a good dribbler and ball handler players must practice dribbling as often as they can, using both hands. They may dribble only: 1. To advance the ball up the court. 2. To drive to the basket. 3. To get open for a shot. 4. To open up a passing lane, to have a better chance of completing a pass. 5. To get out of a trap. 6. To use up the clock at the end of a game. Players should use their fingertips, not the palms of their hands. Basketball is played on the tips of the fingers and the balls of the feet. Players should use their forearm and wrist to bounce the ball. They should not look at the ball, keep their head up and eyes forward, and learn to use either hand.

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