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DRILL "Defending a special situation: Pick & Roll and Back Screen"
Title:Defending a special situation: Pick & Roll and Back Screen
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Defending a special offensive situation. Offense opens with a UCLA cut, then plays a P&R with a back screen on O4, with the purpose to give him an easy lay up.

O1 passes the ball to O2 on the wing and uses the UCLA screen set by O4.
The O4 screens for O2:
- X4 steps off to let X2 slide through behind the screen. Therefore X4 can stay on his man. If O2 is a good 3pt shooter off the dribble, we can not play this defensive rotation.

O1 now sets a backscreen for O4. X4 has to jump to the ball and then fight over the screen. X1 bumps O4 and then closes out on O1.
Goals / purpose / skills
Defending different screens
Rotate positions
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
This is a defensive adaptation on a special offensive play. You should practice this defensive rotation 1-2 days before you play the opponent.
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