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DRILL "Defensive Reaction Drill w/ Coach"
Title:Defensive Reaction Drill w/ Coach
Author:FE Administrator
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Blow your whistle and the players should touch the floor and shout defence then get into the defensive stance. Blow it a second time and have players tip tap their feet (hot feet) on the spot. Dribble straight towards them and they roll backwards as if falling down and shout uh. Drop the ball and the kids drop and shout loose. Dribble to the left and players follow you in a defensive stance. Dribble one handed and the players reach out as if to grab the ball and shout hey. Make sure you tell them to do hot feet when you are not doing anything and when you blow the whistle again they stop.
Goals / purpose / skills
Defensive skills. Quickness and strengthening your calf and quad muscles, defensive positioning.
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Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Adding the steps in one by one.
Players / Coaches
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