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DRILL "1-1 Drill Originating at the Top of the Key"
Title:1-1 Drill Originating at the Top of the Key
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Shooting - Penetration Moves
All defenders must learn how to play good 1v1, on ball defence. In this drill, each player has a partner (opponent) that he plays 1v1 against. Each pair has a ball. Use both ends of the court. The player with the ball starts at the top of the key and tries to make a move, or shoot the outside shot and score on the defender. The defender must stop the offense, box out and get the rebound. The offence gets a point for each basket made, for each offensive rebound gained and if the defender commits a foul. No second shots are allowed. Each pair keeps track of their score. Have post players paired up with post players, and guards paired up with guards. Play for 10 minutes or so. At the end the losers should perform 5-10 push ups.
Goals / purpose / skills
This drill is also great for offensive players working on their 1v1 moves: jab step, shot fake, dribble moves, etc.
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Tips / Hints / Emphasis
After a pair has finished, they get in line on the other end of the floor, but switch which player is on offence and which is on defence for the next possession.
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