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DRILL "5 Spot Catch and Shoot Team Drill"
Title:5 Spot Catch and Shoot Team Drill
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Start with a line in the right corner, approximately 4.5m from the basket, and a second line on the left block, opposite the other line. Divide players evenly into each line, placing the extra player in the rebounding line if there is an odd number. Start with one ball in the rebounding line. O1 presents a target to O4, who will snap a crisp chest pass to the target then runs to the back of the shooting line. As the ball is in flight, the O1 one step stops into the pass, being sure to land evenly on both feet. He then takes a jump shot and moves to the back of the rebounding line. The next rebounder (O5) catches the ball and snaps a chest pass to the next shooter (O2). Rotate to the five primary spots (corner, wing, top of key, wing, corner) every minute or two.
Goals / purpose / skills
A continuous shooting, rebounding and passing drill that gets players quality repetitions of jump shots at game speed.
Start with one ball on the first two or three days, but work your way up to two or three for more reps. Require the players to make a number of shots before rotating and have two groups compete to see which one completes the rotation first. Make players run if the rebounders allow the ball to bounce more than once.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Show the correct technique for a one step stop prior to introducing the drill. Emphasise proper rebounding positioning and raising the arms with each shot. Encourage a quick release, but make sure the shooter 'freezes' after the shot. Emphasise the importance of throwing good passes. Make sure players replace each other in the same direction (i.e. players always go to the left when they change lines in order to avoid collisions)
Players / Coaches
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