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DRILL "3 Man 2 Ball 2 Spots Shooting Drill"
Title:3 Man 2 Ball 2 Spots Shooting Drill
Author:FE Administrator
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This drill involves three players; one shooter O1, one passer O2, one rebounder O3 and two balls. Before the drill begins, O1 should first pick two shooting spots. O1 starts the drill with a shot from the first spot. After the shot, he sprints to the other spot, receives a pass from O2 and shoots immediately. Then he runs back to his starting position for another shot. Simultaneously O3 rebounds each shot attempt and passes the ball to O2. O2 feeds the ball quickly to O1. O1 swings between the two spots all the time. He should shoot at least 10 shots from each shooting position. When he finishes his shooting, the shooter becomes the rebounder, the rebounder the passer, and the passer the shooter.
Goals / purpose / skills
This drill is a shooting conditioner.
The position of the shooting spots should be changed after each round (Picture 2). They could also shoot within a time limit, e.g. 1-3 min.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Despite the conditioning, the players should take care of using correct shooting technique. The players should not hurry their shot. The rebounder and the passer should perform their job very conscientiously.
Players / Coaches
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