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DRILL "Full Court Layup Circle"
Title:Full Court Layup Circle
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O1 starts at one side of the basket. He passes to O2 and receives the ball back while running towards the other basket. He passes to O3 and receives the pass for a full speed layup. O4 copies the movement on the opposite side.
Rotation: runner / shooter becomes 1st passer. 1st passer becomes 2nd passer. 2nd passer rebounds the ball and goes to runner / shooter line.
Goals / purpose / skills
Passing, catching, and layups going at full speed. Conditioning / warm up.
Set goals for the group for game like intensity. e.g. 15 made baskets in 2 minutes per basketball used with this drill.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Pay attention to correct layup execution jumping off the correct foot and shooting with the correct hand. Also the shooter should not slow down when receiving the pass / shooting the layup.
Players / Coaches
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