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DRILL "Four Corners Fight"
Title:Four Corners Fight
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This is a 2 on 2 drill to practice to play inside the paint. You need two pair of players inside the paint and two players or coaches outside the three point line for passing purpose. The two offensive players work to receive the ball at the elbow or on the block. They are only allowed to receive the ball in those specific areas. The defensive players battle for the positions and try to anticipate the cuts. The offensive players screen and re screens off the ball with diagonal screens, back screens, high or low screens. If one player receives the ball, he plays one on one or to on two for a basket and both players fight for the rebound. If the defensive players grab the ball they change to offense. If the offense rebounds it, they play to the finish.
Goals / purpose / skills
Post play, screening and footwork.

Defense of post play, screens and cuts near the basket.

Boxing-out and fight for the rebound.
Continuous passing game inside-outside, no shoots.
Forcing inside play: only shooting of the elbow, only shoot near the rim, only play on the block, ...
Pass inside to any open player.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Fight for the position (offense and defense).
Fight for the rebound (offense and defense).
Catch the ball in traffic.
Players / Coaches
Age Group

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