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DRILL "2 on 2 - two zones exercise"
Title:2 on 2 - two zones exercise
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4 players play 2 on 2 game. one player and his defender are inside 3points area while I player and his defender are in two points area. Thus the three point line divides half-court into two zones in each of them players play one on one, how ever they can cooperate.
Goals / purpose / skills
- create moderate pressure on Player 1, try to make him make a bad pass, lose a ball resp. defend Player 2 in 1 on 1 situation without or with the ball. Be responsible for the offender. No help between defenders.

Player 1 - Dealing with the pressure in three point area - player should be able to watch his teammate, pass the ball in right moment and precisely. Player 2 - Getting open as close to the basket as possible in two point area after recieving the ball play 1 on 1. Whether Player 2 is not successfull, he can pass back to Player 1.

Dribling and passing under pressure.
Footwork after recieving the ball.
Player 2 has only 2 dribles after recieving the ball.

Player 1 can / cannot shoot for 3pts.

Defenders can / cannot cross the three point line.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis There are no data
Players / Coaches
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