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DRILL "3-2(+1) Fast Break Continuous"
Title:3-2(+1) Fast Break Continuous
Author:FE Administrator
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3 players will start under one basket. 2 defenders will be at both baskets. The rest of the players will line up at half court on both sides.

As soon as the 3 offensive players cross half court, one of the players who lined up at half court will start to sprint to the half court circle. He touches the floor and then helps the other 2 defenders on defence.

Offense gets one shot at the basket plus one offensive rebound opportunity. After a score, turnover or defensive rebound the 3 defenders will attack the opposite basket. 2 offensive players will stay for the next defence and the third offensive player will go to half court.

After the new offensive players cross the half court line one player of the other side at half court will start to sprint and help defending etc.
Goals / purpose / skills
Players will learn how to switch from defence to offense (transition) and play the fast break, with a quick finish. Good warm up drill.
Make 2 teams and keep score for competition.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Players should try to score quickly out of the 3-2 advantage. They should finish close to the basket.
Players / Coaches
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