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DRILL "From deny to help-side"
Title:From deny to help-side
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- O1 and O2 pass the ball between each other and have to hit a the cones with the ball.
- D1 and D2 have to guard the cones. If ball is close to a cone -->deny; If ball is away from ball -->normal defensive stands in "help-side position".
- offense may not move from their positions. If they hit the cones, they get a point. If they don´t hit the cones or the defense deflects the pass, the defensive players get a point. game up to 3 points with max. 5 passes.
Goals / purpose / skills
- change from deny to help-side position with sprint
- skip pass (no chest pass)!
- accuracy on passes
- vary the space between the offensive players
- use bigger targets (e.g. medicine ball)
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
- vary the distance between players and targets depending on the superiority of defense or offense
- don´t the players slide in between the positions. It has to be a full sprint!
Players / Coaches
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