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DRILL "Fraschella Passing Drill"
Title:Fraschella Passing Drill
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4 v 3 drill designed to promote ball movement and getting the ball to the open man.

- 4 static offensive players in a box (Elbow, Elbow, Bottom hash, bottom hash)
- 3 defensive players inside box

Offense must pass the ball around without the use of the dribble. Players are encouraged to use ball fakes and an aggressive pivot to move the defence.

If defence get a defelection or steal, passer goes to defence, defender who deflected the ball goes out and a new player comes in to play offence.

Goals / purpose / skills
1. Defence must ALWAYS have a defender guarding the ball.
2. Encourage defensive communication

1. In the stance at all times
2. Use of ball fakes and pivots to create passing lanes
3. Bounce, chest and overhead pass when appropriate.
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