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DRILL "14 Spot Around the World Solo Shooting Drill"
Title:14 Spot Around the World Solo Shooting Drill
Author:FE Administrator
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O1 shoots from cone 1. If he scores he moves to the next cone. If he misses the shot he has to shoot again from the same position until he scores. Then he moves to the next cone. This shooting game will last until the player has scored at every cone.
Goals / purpose / skills
To practice shooting from a variety of positions and angles on the court.
Make it a competition with a team mate. The player moves after every scored basket to the next position. This player is shooting until he misses a shot. If he misses a shot, it is his team mates turn. This game lasts until a player has scored at each cone.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
In this shooting drill the player should ensure he is using correct shooting mechanics.
Players / Coaches
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