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DRILL "Miami 3 Point Drill"
Title:Miami 3 Point Drill
Author:FE Administrator
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This drill combines different kind of man-to-man defence situations.
First X1 starts with a correct defensive position against O1. After the pass X1 jumps to the ball and O1 tries to cut straight to the basket. X1 bumps O1 with the inside arm (here his left arm) and denies him the pass. On the low block X1 plays 3/4 in front. After a few seconds where O1 tries to get position on the low block, he will cut to the opposite wing. X1 gets in a help position. Coach passes the ball to O1 and X1 goes for the close out and plays 1-1. X1 must not allow O1 to penetrate middle or to give him an easy layup. X1 tries to force O1 to dribble baseline.
Goals / purpose / skills
Practice different kinds of man-to-man defence.
Have the next players line up at half court.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Concentrate on the correct way of playing defence.
Players / Coaches
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