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DRILL "Motion offense in youth development"
Title:Motion offense in youth development
Author:kootsj K
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1) O2 fill the spot on top and receive ball from O1, O2 does a "SLASH MOVE" to pass to O4 and cuts for a layup.
* "SLASH MOVE" = receive ball and sweep to other side (kind of a lunge)
* rotate: O1 to O2, O2 to defender, defender to O1
=> 3 on 0 continue with slash move

2) 3 on 0:
* basic cutting
* overplay imaginary defense = backdoor

3) 5 on 0:
A) basic cutting
B) backdoor
C) when a player goes backdoor next to the ball, dribble to his spot to keep movement of all players.

4) 3 on 1 away screen
* O1 pass to O2, away screen on X3, O3 curl over screen to basket and made layup.
* screener replaces himself on top
* if defense anticipates on screen = go backdoor

5) 3 on 1 with 2 balls shooting drill
* same as drill #4 but O4 give pass to O1 after his replace to top, O1 shoots

6) 3 on 2 away screen
* defense switch = screener "slips" to basket
* O3 comes to top if O1 slips
* screener makes contact and then slips to the basket

7) 2 on 2 ball screen
* player on wing (O2) does a jabstep to set the screen
* O1 sets ball screen
* O2 sets 2 dribbles over screen
* O1 rolls/slips to basket

8) 3 on 1 with post up:
* O1 pass to O2 + post up, O3 fill spot
* O2 can't give pass inside = pass to O3 on top
* O1 seals off/pin drop and receive ball
=> 3 on 3: cut, away screen, ball screen, post up

9) flare screen = SHOT

10) flare screen shooting drill

11) 5 on 0: combine all elements
* cut, away screen, ball screen, post up, flare screen

12) entry pass from fast break

13) O4 cuts away when O3 gives a pass to O1 or O5, O3 has 2 options after pass to O1 or O5:
* pass to O1 = A) cut, B) away screen for O5
* pass to O5 = A) cut (O3 replace O1, O1 to wing) B) down/away screen for O1 (O1 curl and replace himself, O3 replace to wing)
=> run 5 on 0 and then 5 on 5

14) * if the wings are not open = downscreen and replace to wing
* corner players curl "HARD" and replace in corner
=> DRIVE option = after you have replaced yourself = defense is out balance

15) pindown option:
* O1 pass to O2 = O3 cuts to the same corner
* O1 pindown on O5 = O5 to top or curl
Goals / purpose / skills
Learning and practicing motion offence step by step and with different options
Variations There are no data
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
- hard cuts
- cuts with counter moves
- pass to the outside hand
Players / Coaches
Age Group

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