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DRILL ""3 men 1 on 1 drill" by Carlo Recelcati"
Title:"3 men 1 on 1 drill" by Carlo Recelcati
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Graphic 1:
One offensive player, 1, with the ball and one defender, 2, line up on one side of the half court. A second offensive player, 3, sets up on the other wing position. 1 plays one-on-one against 2. 2, who was the defender, gets the rebound and makes an inbound pass from the sideline to 3. 1, after shooting, becomes the defender and tries to anticipate the moves of 3. If 3 recieves the ball, then he plays one-on-one against 1.
The drill continues until time runs out or a certain number of baskets is scored.
Goals / purpose / skills
One-on-one defence & offence
Graphic 2:
Same drill but 3 has a second ball. 1 plays against 2 then becomes defender against 3. 2 takes the rebound and gets ready on the opposite side to play 3, who becomes defender.
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