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DRILL "1 v 1 Zigzag with 1 v 1 Transition - Defence"
Title:1 v 1 Zigzag with 1 v 1 Transition - Defence
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In groups of 3 begin with 1 offensive player in each corner of the court with a ball each. 1 defender begins on one of the offensive players and they play 1 v 1 sideline to sideline in the half court. On the coaches call the defender must leave the offensive player he is guarding and go to the the other offensive player and he must slow him down and try to stop him. Play in the half court first then add in play 1 v 1 to the other basket.
Goals / purpose / skills
- Combination drill to practise slowing down a dribbler from a static situation then a game-like situation
- Improve defence in transition and late pick up and can be used as a defensive help drill in transition
Add in;
- Once player has stopped the second offensive player and they are level with the first offensive player on the coaches second command he will then try to stop the first player from scoring.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Combining techniques here with picking up dribbler and slowing him down.
Players / Coaches
Age Group

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