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DRILL "Defensive Rotation Rebounding"
Title:Defensive Rotation Rebounding
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This drill teaches rebounding after rotating defensively.

Everybody blocks out his origin asignment, after helping on a baseline penetration.

Graphic 1:

O1 has a ball on the right wing. O2 is on the left wing and O3 in the left low post. The Coach has another ball at the top.

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O1 penetrates towards the baseline, X3 has to help and stop O1 at the edge of the zone. X2 stayes at the level of the ball and deflects the pass from O1 to O3.

Graphic 3:

After X2 deflected the pass the coach passes the second ball to O2 who attempts a shot. O2 has to close out and after the shot block out O2. X3 has to recover and block out O3, and X1 has to block out O1.

If an offensive player gets the rebound live play continous until a basket is scored or the defense gets possesion.

Rotation is from spot 1 to 2 to 3.
Goals / purpose / skills
practise courtvision, helpside defense and blocking out.
You can vary the block out rules according to your defensive principles, e.g. X1 rotates and closes out to O2 while X2 stays with O3 and O3 stays with O1.
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