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DRILL "Skills Challenge - Dribbling"
Title:Skills Challenge - Dribbling
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First player to complete the course wins:

1st = 10 points
2nd = 8 points
3rd = 6 points
4th = 4 points
5th = 2 points

Players must:
1. Complete cone switch, while dribbling ball
2. Crossover though cones
3. Jump stop (legally) and pivot (legally)
4. Return through cones
5. Complete another cone switch, while dribbling.
6. Return to start.

If necessary, this will need to be ran in rounds to get 5 finalists. For example, if there are 20 kids at the session run 5 rounds of 4 players each.

Goals / purpose / skills
1. Player must continually dribble the ball while completing skills

2. No travels or double dribbles.

3. Cone switch is two different coloured cones, one on top of the other. A player must use one hand to switch them around while dribbling with the other.
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