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DRILL "2-2 Quarter Court w/ Screen Away by Wing Player"
Title:2-2 Quarter Court w/ Screen Away by Wing Player
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Picture 1: This drill begins with O1 positioned at the top of the key with a ball, and O2 at the right wing position. The coach takes a position at the left wing position. The drill starts with a pass from O1 to the coach. After the pass, he moves to set a screen away for O2 who cuts shoulder to shoulder off O1's screen. If there is no switch, O2 will be free for a layup or a short jumper.
Picture 2: If X1 switches, O2 should cut straight across the key and O1 should immediately roll to the basket.
Picture 3: Or pop out to the three point line to receive the pass.
Picture 4: If X2 plays too high, O2 has to use the screen on the other side and cut straight to the basket.
Picture 5: On a switch situation, the screener should roll or pop to the three point line.
Goals / purpose / skills
In this drill outside players practice how to use a screen away. They learn how to read the defence.
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Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Players must be able to read the defence and react accordingly. Offensive players must use proper spacing and work to get open in the restricted area.
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