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DRILL "Take the charge drill"
Title:Take the charge drill
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This is great drill to teach and practise defence attitude and poise.

O1 is on the baseline with a ball and starts the drill by dribbling the ball upcourt. X1 stops O1 as soon as possible and takes the charge (O1 can only dribble with his right hand NO change of direction allowed). After the charge he jumps back up and hustles back to defend O2 who has recieved the ball from O1 after he committed the charge.
Rotate groups from O1 to X1, X1 to O2 and O2 to O1.
Goals / purpose / skills
Teach the players good defensive habbits.
switch sides.
have an extra defender and an extra offensive player so they play 2on2 at the end.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
credit hustle and effort.
Players / Coaches
Age Group

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